Arthur "Artie" Paul Starks is the oldest living member of the Starks family. He is also quite possibly one of the most powerful of the Starks family.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Birthdate: January 11, 1937
  • Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 76
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Date of Marriage: October 15, 1961
  • Height: 6'0" (in prime of youth); 5'7" (currently)
  • Hair Color: Brown (in prime of youth); Gray (currently)
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Color: White
  • Occupation: Former U.S. soldier, Former factory worker
  • Education: High School graduate
  • Alignment: Good
  • Affiliation: U.S.A., Starks Family



Main article: Energy manipulator

Arthur is an energy manipulator inhuman, meaning he is capable of manipulating various types of energies. This ability originally just allowed him to absorb, store, and redirect energy. He mostly absorbed electrical energy from outlets, since electronic devices weren't common when he manifested his ability. He thought that his ability was a bit useless at first but when he was drafted for the Cold War in 1955 he discovered a whole new side to his ability. His ability also allowed him to absorb and manipulate the kinetic energy caused from impacts to his body. With the new discovery of this ability, bullets literally bounced right off of his body and only made him stronger. He was capable of absorbing grenade explosions, which would in turn power his own physical strength. By the time he was allowed to return home, he knew so much about his ability that he hadn't before. He was possibly the most powerful inhuman of his time.

Some of the uses of his ability include;

  • Ambient energy absorption: Arthur is capable of absorbing ambient energy into the cells of his body and convert it into plasma which he can store until he wishes to emit it. There is a limit to how much energy he is capable of absorbing but he typically doesn't reach that limit as he "empties" the energy from his body by emitting a small beam from his hand to just "dump" the energy from his body so that he doesn't overload.
  • Basic energy manipulation: Arthur can absorb, store, and redirect energy to his will. This is the most basic form of energy manipulation. Arthur can absorb energies from various sources like electrical devices or microwaves. He absorb electrical energy from electrical devices and thermal energy from microwaves. He can store a limited amount of energy but he does the same thing that he does with the ambient energy, he just "empties" it out of his body.
  • Kinetic energy absorption: Arthur can also use his power to absorb kinetic energy from physical impacts to his body. This includes, but it not limited to, bullets, punches, kicks, or basically anything thrown at him. The more kinetic energy that he absorbs, the stronger he gets. The strength will fade when he exerts more however there is often a chance for him to get his strength back again.
  • Kinetic energy manipulation: Arthur is able to charge an object with kinetic energy by turning all the potential energy from something into kinetic energy, giving it "explosive" results. He commonly charges smaller objects which are easier to throw. When the object is thrown and it hits something, there is much more force than there typically is. For example, if he charged a typical metal spoon and threw it at someone, rather than just hitting the person and falling to the floor, the spoon would send the person flying backwards with enough force to break through a wall.
  • Life-force manipulation: Arthur previously had the ability to manipulate the life-forces of others. He could control the strength of the lives of others, making others become stronger or weaker with just a touch. However, he only possessed this ability for a limited amount of time. As he started to get older, he didn't have enough strength to maintain this ability and lost it.
  • Solar energy absorption: Arthur is also capable of absorbing solar energy, however he must do this consciously because it doesn't just happen constantly like it does with his ambient energy absorbing. After he absorbs enough solar energy, he is capable of manipulating heat and fire to his will. However, the energy for this ability runs out quickly so he has limited pyrokinetic and thermokinetic abilities.